What do you think about mohawks?

What do you think about mohawks?

Answer #1

I love them, as long as there long I really dislike those small litlle things people consider mohawks and there only 5cms tall, I think they look horrible

Answer #2

I have no problem with them. But whether or not they look good depends on the person.

Answer #3

Yahhh go mowhawks!!

Answer #4

Indians is just a myth created by Las Vegas and cigar manufagturers.

Answer #5

They’re hot on certain guys.

Answer #6

Lol my mohawk is still small but im trying to grow it out

Answer #7

lol, same with my school! They’re cool though, when its bald on the sides and its long.

Answer #8

They’re pretty cool,half the guys at my school have one,and even some girls,I want one someday thought.

I agree with Jaz \/ \/

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