How much would a Modern Warfare 2 edition xbox and Modern Warfare 2 prestige Edition game be worth if I was to sell it?

Answer #1

30-40 bucks

Answer #2

My bad wrong answer.. it depends bro describe xbox

Answer #3

you could sell it on the street for 20 to 30 bucks if your good but you might only get 15 to 20 if you sell it to gamestop

Answer #4

Don’t sell, try to barter it for something worth more.

Answer #5

I’ve tried bartering with people who’d try bartering a crappy game for the good one i’d push. The only game a person or friend might barter when asked would be their least favorite

Answer #6

you don’t barter with a friend, put it up on craigslist in the barter section and see. Video games are a bad investment unless they’re classics and they work.

Answer #7

The prestige edition is $150 new and hard to find so no

Answer #8

that makes it 50 to 75 for any who are modern duty enthusiests but still 20 to 30 for for any body who doesnt care what edition it is

Answer #9

sorry if these prices dont appeal to you those would be prices id sell them at since i got a habit of selling for half or 30 percent

Answer #10

45 dollars for that game

Answer #11

Better off trading with a friend, it won’t be worth it to sell it.

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