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Modern Movies: Most of them are terrible!

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can I ask, why are the standards and qaulity of movies dropping so low, everyone I know agrees with me, they spend millions on actors and special affects thinking that will please us? with a poorly constructed and pradictable plot, not ll movies but msot do this now.. I dont understand, I want to be a film director to try make standards bettet, but atm... dont directors and produces care? does modern day society really lack that passion? intesity and desire to create a reel of visual beauty?

You cant say because people have no more ideas anymore, cause thats aload of rubbish, because me and other writters or people who want to direct and prouduce come up with really good constucted plots, that ooze passion and beauty, so basicly I want to know, why dont film makers care any more? I beleive every movie should be a peice of visual art work, films should be beautiful or artristic (even in a shocking horror way) but why has this happned, movies used to be beautiful or incredily contructed, or even brave and shocking, why has standards plummeted?