Why do most models have blue eyes?

Does it matter what eye colour you have?

Answer #1

i think what matters is your height and body. :) i dont think your eye color has anything to do with being a model. :)

Answer #2

I’ve never noticed. Eye colour actually doesn’t matter, it is your looks and sometimes your height that count. Eye colour is easily photoshopped so the blue could also be because of that.

Answer #3

I agree

Answer #4

I have not seen that, I have seen many on tv and their eyes are brown, black and green, I did see a blue, but not all of them.

Answer #5

It’s not that most models are chosen for having blue eyes - it’s just a more common eye colour.

Answer #6

color contacts ?

Answer #7

no alot have brown, also btw.

Answer #8

no alot have brown, also btw.

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