In Eminems song 'Mockingbird' he talks about a little girl

In Eminems song ‘Mockingbird’ he talks about a little girl named Laney. Is that his daughter? Or Haileys sister?

Answer #1

-.- im not dirty nor do I have low morals.

Answer #2

Awhhh XD XD XD XD Fu*king amazing of him ♥

Thanks fer the help stranger

Answer #3

He takes care of his niece because her dad died or something like that… And since she’s his niece that means she’s his NIECE…

Answer #4

God damn im confused again -.- I was just told she was his daughter but from another women x[ Essplain to me someone D: :o

Answer #5

-.- oh. So her dad died and now Eminem is like her dad ? Is she older than Hailey?

Sorry fer so many questions -_-

Answer #6

Yeah, it’s his niece he takes care of I think.

Answer #7


He takes care of his niece? So shes NOT his daughter ? That would explain the ‘To see how much you both have grown it’s almost like you’re sisters now Wow, guess you pretty much are and daddy’s still here Lainnie I’m talking to you too daddy’s still here’ part ^.^

I needed someone to essplain that to me ahaha.

Answer #8

I think Laney is his niece…

Answer #9

He is like her dad.. He took her in.. I think she is younger

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