Mixed signals need advice

This guy I like and myself have been talking on the phone every night for about three months…we recently hung out a few times we went to the movies, beach, dinner and to his house to watch a baseball game. We jokingly wrestled around and he gave me a kiss…but about four days ago his son left for school and he told me he is a little down about it and he said he will be back to himself in no time…well since that day I have only briefly chatted with him two minutes at the most…I really am falling for this guy and I do not want to end up getting hurt..does it sound like he is interested in me and should I just not contact him since I do not want to “bother” him and just wait it out?

Answer #1

ummm my personal advice is call him and plan to do sumthin fun take his mind off the kid and if he still is down then I guess he really missses that kid but he should warm right up to you!!!

Answer #2

you might want to try to live this guy alone maybe he needs a break and talk to him and yes it does sound like he likes you

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