How do I mix the base and catalyst that came with my fake vampire fangs for Halloween?

Answer #1

screw that crap Buy those cheep things for dentires. That works pretty well.

Answer #2

put both contents together in a bowl…..mix them with ur fingers till it turns a light green….i think thats the color then put one half of the contents into one fang then the other into the other fang :)

Answer #3

but it dries pretty fast so hold both of them on ur teeth for five minutes. those ones didnt work for me so i got the expensive ones and i love them lol and there reusable :)

Answer #4

I think I’m going to have to get the expensive ones too. I did just what you said and they still didn’t hold. I wonder if you can use Polydent to make them stay?

Answer #5

ya their awesome and its cool cuz u can reuse them (like i said) and they look real too :) but u havve to fallow the instuctions really well or else u will have to redo ur mold and i recoment the small delux scarecrow brand :)

Answer #6

i have the same cheap fangts you have but they work perfectly

Answer #7

cheap?mine were $20.00

Answer #8

OMG mine were 5 dollars

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