What are some good last minute things to get for Christmas for stocking stuffers?

Answer #1

For very last minute? what can we get in that short of time but money? Have you tried this? my kids love it LOL

Answer #2

Tried that and I do it every yr, they get 50 dollars in thr stocking, they do love it to lol

Answer #3

My kids love this as well, on their birthdays, they would rather have the cash than gifts and a big party as well.

Answer #4

itunes gift card… actually, any gift card ($10), candy/chocolate, lottery ticket, chap stick, makeup, socks, gloves, lotions, a cool looking pen

Answer #5

Gift cards and candy are, in my opinion, very appropriate stocking stuffers…and are quite easy to get last minute.

Answer #6

Gift cards, earbud headphones, candy, cute pencils and pens, keychains, small toys, perfume, cologne, chapstick, lipgloss, makeup, hair acessories, beanie hat, small hand held games, coin purses, wallet, gloves, body spray, cds, jewelry, cute socks, stickers, art supplies, cute pins for clothes, clothes patches, hair bows, lotion, body wash, bath beads, hot cocoa mix, concert tickets, money..

Answer #7

Gift cards, candy, money, scratch-off tickets, cologne, mints, gum. Just a few ideas.

Answer #8

Little things like candy,deororant, bracelets, bit amounts of money, some school supplies,perfumes,earphones for their ipods,lotions,candy canes,cards,winter clothes like goves, scarfs,gift cards,little sets of makeup, lipgloss,chapstick.

Answer #9

Get em a lazer pointer XD

Answer #10

Well my kids did have one till they thought they were gonna drive my dogs crazy with it lol

Answer #11

^^^^^^^ those are what i get my children for their stockings!

Answer #12

money,little edible things,shower gel,body wash,candy bars,jewelry,perfume/cologne,pencils,pens,markers,cd’s,hair ties,makeup.

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