Circumsized or uncircumsized has better blow jobs?

which kind of Penis gets the best mind blowing blo job,is it Circumcised or Uncircumcised?

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Both are the same thing: a penis. So the short answer is neither.

The long answer says that a uncircumcised penis has more nerve endings therefore possibly making the owner feel more pleasure. Yet people argue that since most men are circumcised at a very young age, they wouldn't feel any difference and have just as much pleasure.

As for person giving the blowjob, how good it's going to feel depends more on their technique then the circumcision. And some personal preference might make someone like one more then the other. But in the end, they are the same thing.

As for good hygiene, that depends on the person not the penis.

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um un circumsized I heard is dirty. like a belly button. yucky

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