What are the best military knives for a game?

You see, even though I’m only 15, I’ve been wanting to make a third person stealth-action game for a while now. And even though technology may advance, I don’t care, I plan make it when I graduate from college. Anyways, I need an idea for a knife the main character would use. The character would mostly be in stealth, and some moves would include knife stabbing and throat cutting. What is a good knife that would be good for those kinds of attacks in stealth, but also a good one for combat? I want it to be realistic.

Answer #1

I suggest a Critish Commando “Stiletto” Knife


Answer #2

That should say “British”

Answer #3

I would recommend a bowie knife or a kukuri knife.

Answer #4

Kukuri Knife Eh ? Right ! > > > > >

Answer #5

Set of Matching Black Samurai Swords


– Bonzai - the Majik Ninja

Answer #6

Hmm.. the bowie knife seems like a good choice in my opinion. I also forgot to mention this game is based on games like MGS, Splinter Cell, Syphon Filter, etc. It’s not all about knives. :s

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