What do you think of the military for kids out of school, if not going to college?

Answer #1

I think the military is good for young adults, I know when I joined the military, I really did not have any direction. I thought I did, but the military put the world in a different perspective for me.

Answer #2

If they r not goin to college, or working I think its an excellant idea, u could b gettin a paycheck from the military and cud go to school after they have served

Answer #3

I know, the military paid for my BS, and while in the military my job “MOS” was telecommunications, and network encryption.

Answer #4

I agree it will help u get direction in ur life

Answer #5

Yeah, it’s great thing because they did not go to college but do have a chance to do something productive.

Answer #6

Well the military gives you a lot of OJT, plus it looks good on a resume.

Answer #7

My dad never went to college he joined the marines and regrets it a lot. He wants to a writer but he didn’t go to college so yah

Answer #8

Well if my sons want to go in the military I am going to try to direct them towards the Air Force or Navy. I would not recommend the Army or the Marines as a first choice.

Answer #9

You cant direct him to anything, he’ll go where he wants to go.

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