Military and Families

I need some real people from the marines/army/air force/navy or married to one of those to give me an answer on this if at all possible. Alright, so some of you are married, or you have a girlfriend/boyfriend. Or your married to someone in the service. The question that’s always pondered me: How do they/you react to it? How is the lifestyle? families

Answer #1

I am an active duty Marine who is married and for the most part it’s just a normal life, unless I’m in the field or deployed I go to work in the morning and come home in the evening like a regular job. My wife and I live in an apartment off base so it’s just like being a civilian with a greater sense of pride. Yes there are a lot of differences but you get used to it and it becomes your world. I think military wives and girlfriends are the strongest women in the world (the faithful ones that is) because they deal with us being gone for a few weeks on training ops then months on deployments and when we come home it’s life as usual. My wife is such a strong woman and without her love and support it would be a lot harder to deal with things, but at least I know that when I’m off base and home with her in my arms nothing going on in my career matters as much as she does. I think that service members who have supportive spouses have an easier time dealing with the stress of being in the military.

Answer #2

my best friend is getting married to her boyfriend who is in the army. its really sad because he is always gone and she misses him all the time. but when he is home everything is totally normal and happy. just like any other relationship

Answer #3

My best friend is engaged to a marine, he’s always gone for months at a time. A month after they got engaged, he was deployed to Iraq. Whenever I ask her about it she just says it’s hard to have him gone all the time, they’re always trying to set a date for their wedding, he even has PTSD.

Answer #4

well its hard but I think is worth every minute… its sad to think that something could happen to him/her but your always left with the pride that they never stop trying… I dont live with my boyfriend am going to college and he would be staying in his base but I do want us to get marry our relationship is great you learn to appresiate evry minute with them.

Answer #5

… … my cousin died in the army… I miss him soo much! r.I.p. Javier

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