Why does Miley Cyrus dress all skimpy and act different all of a sudden?

I dunno she just changed alot. She’s all britney and lindsay and grossness now…i mean i still like her acting in movies

Answer #1

no noffense to miley fans but she cahnged quite a bit.

Answer #2

she said that she likes to show off her body. she started to work out and felt really good about he body. i dont blame her but she should cover up a little more:)

Answer #3

She’s clearly breaking away from the Disney/Hannah Montana image to the extreme which is fair enough but some of the things she wears are awful

Answer #4

She’s older now and must appeal to a different audience. Music is a business, and you do not just go with how you are and be famous forever. You prey off societies weaknesses, insecurities, and desires. Welcome to the entertainment business.

Answer #5

She’s an attention whoree.

Answer #6

She’s getting older now and esp lives in the fame lifestyle, So I guess just trying to fit in. She;s going through that age in her life, a lot of people do.

Answer #7

It’s probably a mix of her getting older, and the pressure Disney puts on its stars to look appropriate and to appeal to the younger audience. Now that she’s older and doesn’t have to do that anymore she can finally do and dress as she pleases, so its coming out in a sudden wave. Because she was so sheltered before, it turned this point in her life into the perfect scenario for her to become a train wreck. It’s actually pretty sad.

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