Miley and Selena

Ok so j-14 has an article about Miley&Mandy(her new bff) and their online fight with Demi &Selena, In my opinion the parody Miley and Mandy did of Demi and Selina was funny, but some kids think it was mean, so what if it was, who cares right? is not like many people likes Selena Gomez,> Miley and Mandy did a parody of a video where Selena brags about her new power rangers shirt> Which 15 year old watches the power rangers anymore,? but when ask about it, Neitherr Miley or Demi had nothing to say, But elena says “ I tought we were ok, I don’t know anymore” and Demi and Miley have never met, but Selena is said a ton of times before that her and Miely are really good friends and shop together, when in this article she says “ I’ve only met Miley Once”so what up with that? wasn’t she in the show twice , plus I tought she was at the HM/Miley Cyrus movie premiere , I saw her at the red carpet…?

oh and Selena and Demi have a video in which they are kind of making fun of one of Hannah Montana’s song “Nobody’s Perfect” so may be that was M&M’s response to D&S

So why do you think she changed her story now?

Answer #1

I love selena gomez, demi lavoto, and miley I hate to see them fight

Answer #2

Who knows. Most of that stuff is done for strictly attention, thats all its about. So, I don’t even bother to really pay much attention to it.

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