Sony vegas playback problem!

I've just finally found a free trial of sony vegas I haven't used and it was working perfect and everything was playing back fine, but then it stopped letting me playback projects, a message pops up saying:

"An error occured while starting playback" The device specified is in use.

And when I click on details it says,"The playback device Microsoft Sound Mapper does not exist".

Anyone know the problem?

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Ok, it seems you either have one of 2 things:

1) Spyware. Run Avast antivirus (Free) and delete any spyware on your computer

2) Codec is missing. A codec is script used when compressing a file. Depending on the type of file you can't play, that's the codec you're missing.

Try this thread for more help:

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Thanks for the advice but its all sorted now ^^ My settings were wrong so my brother fixed them for me =]

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Got to Start>Control Panel>Sounds and Audio Devices, the audio tab, default device, and for me I had to change it to "C-Media Wave Device and it started working again :)

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how did you fix it?
im facing the same problem

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Same problem, can you give us a hint?

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