Micheal Vick signs!!!

micheal vick just sgined with the philadelphia eagles! Did you expect this?? I sure as heck didnt.. btw I am a eagles fan..what do you think about this?

Answer #1

at least hes not on a team with a dog-like mascot…

Answer #2

whoa, whoa, WHOA! Why did he get signed!? HE’S TERRIBLE! Those poor dogs…I vote against this!

Answer #3

are you serious? wooow… didnt see that coming. I didnt know, my husbands frm PA and we might b takin a trip up thur next week… wow :-O

Answer #4

I think this is awesome 2 black quarter backs man this is only the beginning lol hahahaha mike and donnvan or however u spell it but anyways EAGLES…aldae…Its good tho because thats where he wanted to be…

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