Michael Phelps

Does anyone besides me think Michael Phelps is hot?

Answer #1

His head is too small for his body - but overall hes not a bad looking’ guy. Waaait a minute, he’s pretty hot in this picture: http://www.warrenandderrick.com/images/2008/04/25/michael_phelps.jpg

Answer #2

Yeaa he’s kute I guess but the hawt one as that dirt biker idkk what his name is but he’s also in the olympics I think he won a medal I was just watching it! Now he’s a yummy hawt piece of man candy :D L0L

Answer #3

at first I didnt think so bu the more I look at him the hotter he gets

Answer #4

sorry, but no..I dont even think he somewhat cute…he not my type of guy..sorry

Answer #5

he’s cute. not hot though.

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