Michael Jackson's Brother?

Hey, I thought I read this somewhere before. But, I can’t remember the answer. Lol Is the Randy Jackson of “American Idol” Michael’s brother. I know he is a guitarist, and used to play w/ Journey. Also, Michael had a younger brother named Randy who also played guitar. So..who’s right? Me…or my husband? We have dinner out or a home cooked meal as a bet. I DON’T want to cook, lol

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Awww…maaann! Well, guess that let’s every 1 how I guessed! Lol Thxs all!

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Randy Jackson is Micheal Jackson’s younger brother. Why else would contestants on American Idol sing Micheal Jackson or The Jackson Five songs at auditions? So twilightmom, I hope you said that he was so you don’t have to cook. :)

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Are you kidding…someone thinks Randy Jackson from Idol is Michael’s younger brother?? I guess you never saw the Jacksons with Randy - no reseblence whatsoever.

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No, he’s not. I think he’s even older than MIchael…?

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I dont think so but I could be wrong

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Randy jackson on american idol is not michael’s younger brother. I guess you never watched or looked up anything about the jackson 5. This is nothing that looks the same between the two randy’s. And randy is 3 years younger than michael. The order goes: rebbie, jackie, tito, jermaine, laToya, brandon(who died at birth), marlon, michael, randy, and janet. And there is another daughter but it was with another women, joh’vonnie but you can’t find a lot of information about her.

Answer #9

no hes not and randy is his younger brother but not randy jackson from american idol and randy micheals brother is also the youngest of all the kids

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