Michael Jackson (Behind his death)

Don’t think that I crazy but I believe that there was something behind his death. I mean think about it he was right about to start a World Tour and if he would have started to sing again and remake himself he would have have beated everyone out there (like in the 80’s) I believe someone was behind it because there are to many things that come together and like the doctor that was at the house at the same time that happened. I don’t know but it’s really weird. I would really like to hear your opinions.

Answer #1

I think he faked his death.

Answer #2

Just like the death of kurt cobain and tupac there will always be several theories about them. At the end of the day somebody has died and that in itself is a devastating fact. I think people should just remember jacko and kurt for their music and not focus on who could have killed them and why.

Answer #3

I beleive it was probably all the stress from rehearsing twice a day for his upcomming tour is what killed him but the doctor was also a suspect because michel jackson could have overdosed on morphine which is what the doctor was injecting in him

Answer #4

Oh, didn’t know that.

Answer #5

He was was given a perscription by his doctor and thats what probably killed him. Thats why the doctor ran.

Answer #6

The doctor has been cleared as a suspect.

Answer #7

I think it was something to do with stress and all his operation things.

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