Mezzo-soprano in need of a good rock song to sing

k, so I'm a mezzo-soprano and I need a good rock song to sing for a band tryout.
I really love 70's-80's rock, so something like that that I would be familiar with.

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well... um I'm a girl but I find it easy to sing along with Steve Perry:) of Journey.But their songs are kind of hard so... yeah. A mezzo soprano is like um... higher than an alto, but lower than a soprano.THANKS :)

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Well, name a famous singer that would also be considered mezz-soprano, got any in mind?
Sorry, just trying to get the sound in my head so I can make a comparison.

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I don't know any good 70-80s songs to sing but, any beyonce song or a thousand miles are pretty good ones! I'm a mezzo, so I can relate.

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umm you could try boston or any stevie wonder I personally love evanescence bring me to life is a song I'm working on now it's well known if you can mange that then you've obviously got more talent than a lot of people I know it's difficult and you might wanna change a few of the notes but I'm also mezzo soprano and find changing the notees sound a bit different and I think you could manage to find your grove whether you like to belt or stay kinda quite it's a good song shows off the voice

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Snow (Hey-Oh) by the Red Hot Chili Peppers?
I don't know you could try it I guess

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