Mexico and Airplanes:(

has anyone been to mexico?? Im going to go in Nov. and I dont think I am going to like it..? And I HATE airplanes:( I feel like I am going to crash like into something or free fall into the ocean?? I feel like such a babii:( HELP!!

Answer #1

If you go into a vacation thinking you’re going to have a bad time, you’re going to have a bad time. Might as well save yourself the plane ticket and stay home.

There’s not a whole lot that’s fun about flying anymore, at least in coach. Between the lack of meal service, the overpriced snacks, the ever-shrinking leg room, and the endless security lines, even for those of us that really enjoy traveling, flying is always a black mark. There are a few things that I use to get through:

  1. Stay constantly distracted. Buy 13 magazines, an iPod Touch, a DS, anything to keep yourself occupied.
  2. Stay exhausted. I frequently will force myself to stay up all night the night before I have to fly so that as soon as I’m buckled in, I’m asleep. On my last flight cross-country, I was out before the safety announcement.
  3. There is no rule anywhere that says you have to fly sober. If you have anxiety about flying that is so severe that it is impinging on your ability to enjoy your vacation, get a relaxant, prescription or otherwise. Talk to your doctor about getting some Ambien, take half of one, and fly the flight of the dreamy.

As for enjoying Mexico, what’s not to like? It’s 13 pesos to the dollar right now, my friend. You can go there with spare change and live like a king.

Answer #2

never been der..& never been on a plane but im going to NC the last week of august & imma have to get on an airplane I feel good about and confident & I say if its my time to go then I go..think postive only God know what will happen

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