What are some good methods for focusing?

Answer #1

Well I always thought if you shut your mouth and open your ears, this helps, but you also have to have a interest in the topic. I try to relate the topic to my life and then try to find points in the topic that I can relate to.

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Well if ur haveing anxiety and can’t focus, try goin in a room by urself, and just sit an relax, regroup urself then finish the task at hand. I have found sometimes takein a short break from wat ur doin can help u focus more when u return to ur task

Answer #4

Sorry, that may have been blunt, but I have taught kids and I found this to be the largest problem, I think cause I was a substitute teacher it may have been worst for me. I did that for about a year, in class I saw with younger kids the boys are the worst, but with age the girls become just as bad, or act out even more the boys. Girls in the later years are emotionally hurtfully spitting venom as they verbally tear into someone.

Answer #5

I mean like in school. I have a really hard time focusing on things that are going on.. I’m a huge day-dreamer. :(

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