Mespace "about me"

what should I talk about in my "about me" on my mespace profile?
I suck at wrighting stuff like that...
like I talk about my interests (like being a vegetarian and I love green tea) and then what?

all help is appreciated! thanks :D

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ANSWER #1 of 3

What I did was,

-I mentioned my name for the people who don't know xD
-who I lived with.
-my age.
-my hobbies/ interests
-My friends-- >
- Favorite things
-Music I listen to
-& maybe mention your aim/ other

then I had a whole bunch a friends hack me which is basically them writing bout you ^^

ANSWER #2 of 3

-Things you like to do
-Mention your boyfriend/girlfriend
-Your friends
-Things you want people to know that they SHOULD know
-Family life
-Favorite singer/band and song(s)

You'll think of something.

ANSWER #3 of 3

tell them what you look like...fav. songs...your friends...your fam (opptional)...girlfriend/boyfriend if you want

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