What is your take on the "Mermaids: The Body Found" documentary?

After watching that documentary I seriously do believe that mermaids exist. What do you guys think? I believe it’s very possible.

Answer #1

I Honestly Think It Is Fake.

Answer #2

All I know is that - that documentary scared the heck out of me. I had to watch it a second time to get a grasp on the nature of it all. But there could be a strong possibility that they could/ could have existed. .

Answer #3

It scared me too! the spears in the fish really freaked me out…

Answer #4

It is fake, Mermaids:The body found is a docufiction, combining fiction with documentary, it has been mistaken for a factual documentary

Answer #5

Are the people that spoke in it actors? :(

Answer #6


Answer #7

Are the kids in the video actors too?And that video they played of the kid finding it is fake too?:(

Answer #8

Although, I do not believe everything I see & read. I do believe that the government does a good job of covering up facts & discrediting evidence. Different country’s have paintings of them everywhere. The Greeks, the Chinese & the vikings cited them during their greatest period of maritime exploration. They are recorded in medieval manuscripts, and even into the 19th century. It’s possible.

Answer #9

I thought it waq very interseting. Much better than a lot of shows on what if/mythological things. They had several good points and didn’t just milk one small peice of “information” for an hour long show. Some parts of it where very cheesy and I had to laugh at, but over all where it was a real documentary or docufiction I liked it.

Answer #10

That was a fake… As Azza already mentioned, it was a mock documentary. It was very well done of course, but obviously a load of garbage, lol.

Answer #11


Answer #12

I have a friend named Anne whose family has always been Wiccans and Witches (That doesn’t happen very often) and her great great grandmother was in the Salem witch trials. A book of magic has been passed down from generation to generation and this books speaks of mermaids called Lythesica. Those things on the documentary don’t look anything like the Lythesica and the whole thing was a big sham. Do I think mermaid are real? yes. Do I think the government was stupid enough to try to hide them from the general public in an America full of conspiracy theorists? No.

Answer #13

I am happy if such ppl exist in the southern seas…. Maybe are fairy tsis are actuality….. Be open minded…. The system controls what is perpetuated…. Not the govt….there only the puppets……myth or legends??? Big foot is real as every dinosaur who ever step upon earth……. Just leve them alone.

Answer #14

Hype just like every other “Urban Legend” on Discovery Channel. For example, Bigfoot, Lock Ness Monster, etc.

Answer #15

its fake…..no evidence of mermaids has been found

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