Mentos and coke

Is there a certain brand of mentos you have to use to make coke explode ? I’’m doing a science project and I need to know :)

Answer #1

just whatever you do, do NOT drink it because you can end up exploding the organs inside you, as well as your stomatch

Answer #2

mint mentos works. ^^. make sure you tighten the lid FAST. ^^. lol. I had to do that, too. ^_^

Answer #3

I’ve seen it not work before. Just a thought to keep in mind is try several different flavors, as well as maybe some other candies.

Answer #4

Make sure that the mints are not damaged. If the integrety is broken then it wont work as good. Also I believe you are supposed to use diet coke.

Answer #5

As long as it’s Mentos, it shouldn’t matter…it’s the texture that causes it, not the flavour.

Mentos have thousands of tiny holes inside of them, which fill up with the coke, causing them to explode.

Answer #6

When I did the mentos and diet coke experiment, I tried it with different types of mentos, and I got the best response from the original mentos (the one in the blue wrapper, or mint flavor)

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