Does the menstrual cycle begin on the first day of your period or after the last day of your period?

I’m going to Vietnam on the 2nd of July, and I got my period yesterday (7th august) and I was just wandering if you think I’ll get my period while I’m in Vietnam? Just so I need to know what to take and such. Thank you :)

Answer #1

I do believe u count 28 days from the last day, its been so long for me not havein one, I think that’s the way it goes

Answer #2

thank you so much! :)

Answer #3

Ur very welcome sweetie and enjoy ur trip :-)

Answer #4

You are so lucky T…I wish I didnt hv pms anymore. :(

Answer #5

Just remember I get that stupid Lupron shot so I have to deal with menopause :-(

Answer #6

I Know..hmm, hot flashes/night sweats vs. cramps & being completely drained…yeah I’ll take the hot flashes turn the A/C on & sleep like a baby…:P

Answer #7

I’ve always counted from the first day of my period.

Answer #8

It’s always the first day… never the last. Some people get periods for 2 days, others for 10… it doesn’t matter how long, it’s the day it starts that counts.

Answer #9

the last day.

Answer #10

Count from the first day. Also every females cycle is different only you know how long urs is. For ex.: my cycle is 30 days so I count 30 days from the first day of my period

Answer #11

It’s the first day. And the 28 day think means nothing in all reality. Every female will have their own cycle. So there’s no way to tell for you, unless you’d already been keeping track.

Answer #12

so i have i. thats what my doctor told me, i keep track of when i ovulate even though i’m on b/c for extra precautions, i am not ready to be a mama yet lol

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