menstration pills??

anyone know any pills to make me menstration (period) normal? mines come evey 3 or 4 months…

Answer #1

birth control pills will help regulate your period.

Answer #2

I have the same problem as I tend to have one every 3 months. I have gone a whole 12 months with nothing, All tests showed up clear and it doesn’t bother me so my doctor suggested nothing. But if it bothers you I would suggest the birth control pill as it sets your female hormones to bleed every 4 weeks.

Answer #3

what you have is an irregular period were it comes everyfew months, normally then skips some, you might get 2 periods in a month, ect basically its not regular and doesnt come every month youll need to see a doctor as they can prescribe you a birth control pill that will help regulate your period youll also need to talk to the doctor about it though because the pill has a few side effects

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