Do men and women differ in the way they shower?

Answer #1

I’ve noticed that every guy i have dated showers facing the shower head, while i face the other way and tilt my head back. I’ve also noticed that alot of them spent alot of time just standing there in the water….doing nothing. Other than that, i feel its all the same. (if hes a hygenic male). Both sexes have their routines and my fiance spends just as much time in the shower as i do.

Answer #2

Hmmmm… I never face the shower head unless I have business to attend to that requires facing it.

Answer #3

Same here, I love the hot water running down my back.

Answer #4

I face the window,which is away facing away from the shower head,like mandyloo said i tilt my head back and just stand there for ages.Makes me feel really clean,i only face the shower head when i want to wash my face lol. i dont know why but i find it cleaner to face away from the shower head not sure if anyone else feels the same lol.

Answer #5

when i shower, i have my back towards the water lol, but when i wash my face i face towards the water. but ive always wondered how guys shower, like if they face the water or not :P

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