How do you memorise things?

Like when you studying.

Answer #1

Reading them over and over. Tedious but repetition does the trick.

Answer #2

Writing down the question & answer three times helps a lot.

also, if you study before going to sleep, studies show you are more likely to remember.

Answer #3

I just need to write down the answer personally. Or associate it to a picture in my mind. I’m an artist, so I tend to be very visual. Making rhymes about things also helps me out.

Answer #4

i find that when i’m learning something new it helps for me to talk to somebody about it. Like when I was learning about Hitler, I had a hard time remembering things even though I had just studied and read about him so I would tell my mom what I found out about him every time i learned something new, and because of that I was able to remember things better

Answer #5

I try to understand concepts rather than remembering them. That way I can “remember” something years later, because years later I still understand it.

Answer #6

I think that works for me too :)

Answer #7

Write them out over and over again. Or make colourful posters and stick them around your room.

Answer #8

there are two types of memorization, rehearsal and elaborate. Rehearsal is when you just repeat what you are trying to memorize several times, it doesn’t work as well as elaborate. Elaborate is where you connect what you’re trying to memorize with an image, an already acquired memory or something familiar and use repetition.

Answer #9

mnemonic devices are the best way.

Lets say you have to memorize the resistor color code of:

Black Brown Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Violet Gray White

it becomes:

Black Bears Raid Our Yellow Grain But Violets Grow Wild.

or the ruder version:

Bad Boys Ravish Our Young Girls But Violet Gives Willingly.

While we are on colors the order of colors in the rainbow is:

Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet

The mnemonic is Roy G Biv

The funny thing is even when you fail to come up with a mnemonic often taking the time to try to think of one helps you to memorize it.

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