Is megan fox a porn star?

is megan fox a porn star? if you google her there are like a bunch of pics that aren't realated to her acting or parties...was she a p.s or is she ow what...?

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she isnt a pornstar lol

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I wish she was a porn star

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There's no record of her having an adult career as of right now. She's doing pretty well in mainstream Hollywood industry film, so I doubt she would need to be a porn star.

However, she is a model and does have a very sexualized look, so it's not surprising that some images may seem pornographic.

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No but there is a porn star I just found out about acouple days ago, that so far ive only been able to find 3 clips of. that goes by the name Megan Foxx. Somewhat looks like her I guess but shes hot nonetheless

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