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What has been your most medically awkward moment?

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I had heart surgery to repair a leaky valve and when I woke up in the ICU I had a urine bag with a plastic tube inserted into my urethra. The rubber tube went inside my pnis all the way into my bladder to collect the urine. I had to walk with this bag full of pee all around the hospital and a few times a day a nurse will empty it for me. The awkward part was went this nurse that looked like she just gotten out of nurse school told me that she was there to remove the tube. She told me to take a deep breath and with this she grabbed my pnis with one hand and with the other yanked and pulled the rubber hose really quick out of me. OMG. It really hurt!! After this I made some comment about she didn't give me enough warning and she started to blush. So it was kind of weird.