Work in the medical field with a misdemeanor?

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Actually, I do not think you can get licensed with a misdemeanor. What you need to do is get this expunged off of your record, which you can do after a year or two. After it is expunged your record will technically look clean when people run background checks on you for employment. I would definitely try to get it off of your record, especially if it has to do with shoplifting or theft because those are considered crimes of moral ineptitude and in employers' eyes, they are the one type of misdemeanor they will not overlook. Also, drug related stuff would probably not fly in the medical field. You have to look at it like this - There are plenty of people out there with clean records that want that job, too, so why should they hire someone with a record? I'm not trying to sound mean, it's just the truth of the job world. Talk to the court or get a free consultation with a lawyer to get it sealed or expunged (erased from your record).

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It depends what the misdemeanor is for. I went thru this yesterday. I called my local community college and explained what my charge was and they said it would be no problem to go thru their program and they do a background check for the externship. They do not want anyone with fraud or theft charges most importantly. As far as getting it expunged the State I live in you cannot have an expungement if you have any other misdemeanors EVER regardless of pettiness. For more info on your State's requirements for expungement you can go to He has a link for each State. Good luck!

Can a convicted felon work in the medical field?

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I'm sure you could since it's just a misedemeanor and not a felony.

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What companies hire convicted felons for office work?

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