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Me and my sis do 'stuff'. Do you (or have you ever?).

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I asked this elsewhere but it may be more properly put here. I am a 17 year old guy, and my sister is 16. We are very happy, and have a non-abusive normal family with no issues at all. We are both doing excellent in school and have good friends. I have had girlfriends and she has had boyfriends (and one girlfriend - hey she is open-minded!).

We have done things..yes 'THINGS'..together for a few years. Touching, playing, making each other cum, but not going all the way even tho it wouldn't freak us out. We really are not pressuring each other to do this - it just happens are we are not freaks or ugly or skanks or whatever.

Nobody else knows about what we do but is it a common thing that happens between siblings, and what do you guys try doing? How old were you when things started? We were 14 and 13. How far has it gone and does it "seem" OK / "feel right" about what you are doing?

DO NOT PREACH to me about this. I am old enough to see what we are doing. All I want to know is if others in this situation and what they are doing. Thanks. :-)