Whats the next thing we could do?

im 13 & my boyfriends 14 what are some things we could do together thats like romantic?? I dont want to have sex or anything, because im way too young & well at the age im at now it just seems so discusting :p & we cant do anything involving money because, well of our age & we dont get much money, I like it when he hugs me & holds me round my waist, or in a hug posision and wont let go & we hold hands..whats the like next up thing we could do..? help please xx

Answer #1

yeye alexx_babii is right, or evn just sit at hme on the sofa an watch a film an just snuggle up 2 eachova an just kiss an stuff..

Answer #2

go for a evening walk together?

Answer #3

stuff :D

Answer #4

kissin and makin out is the next thing but maybe ask your parents for some money and go to a movie

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