me and my love

ok me and my boyfriend met for the first time an d he ate me out fingerd me and we made out and my myspace was open and she saw a few messages he sent me sayin I taste like raspberries and that kind of stuff and she told my whole family anmd im only 13 and so now m why parents wont let us see eachother an why m ore and me and him are madly in love e have been together for about 3 weeks now and its killing us not bein able to see eachother I mean we talk on myyearbook and on the phone when I can but I and eed some advice on how to persuade my parents in to letting us see eachother

Answer #1

yea I agree .. I mean your only 13 and 4 3 weeks that you have been going out wit dis kid you already let him hit it .. I seriously dont think datz true love

Answer #2

I agree with naughty princees I asked a qustion simalar to yours and somebody helped me with it an I got a shock realising this, I think you are a bit ti young and its only been 3 weeks, if you are dieing to see him, dont do an why weid stuff

Answer #3

your 13. you shouldnt be going that far with a guy to begin with. especially so quickly. Seriously, thats a little slutty.

And your 13, and only have been dating for 3 weeks. I dont think its love. I really doubt it.

but thats just my opinion.

Answer #4

seriously! I don’t mean ta be harsh o anyfin and am soo sorry if I sound harsh but… that iz sooo rong… I am nearly 17 and even I have not dun anyfin like that and don’t intend to for quite a bit… 3 WEEKS! am sorry but are you out your head and you are only 13! wot happened to self respect! this is sooo not love! it is lust and within a few weeks it will dissapear! if a guy is in love with you then he will now have sex this quick! damn girl you don’t even see him that often soo how do you know whether he is faking the ‘being in love’ part… you don’t need to be an actor to be able to do that… I know that every1 luves a bit of fun and there is nufin rong with that… but if you seriously keep doing things like this you are going to get urself a reputation and it aint going to be a good 1… if you did all this after being together for quite a while there would be nufin rong with it… sorry if I sounded harsh by the way :)

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