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Anyone know any good, simple maths jokes?

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Ah thanks so much guys - it's helped!!! All of them were great :D

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What does the zero say to the the eight?
Nice belt! :D

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well may sound a litle corny but whatever why did the 6 say to the 5 ... you're odd

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how many seconds are there in a year?
( after someone goes away and tries to work it out and comes back and gives you an anser) you say 12
2nd of january, second of february, 2nd of march etc

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or there are 2 types of people...

those who can count and those who can't.

or how many months of the year has 28 days? (usually you'll get the answer february)

Then you say no...all the mnths of the year has 28 days.

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Oh oh and this one is good :D
Q: What is the most erotic number?
A: 2110593!
Q: Why?
A: When 2 are 1 and don't pay at10tion, they'll know within 5 weeks whether or not, after 9 months, they'll be 3... hahahah :D

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