I hate Math

I hate it. I can’t stand it. I’ve tried to come to terms and just do it so many times but it frustrates me and makes me miserable. I’m crying right now because I hate it so much. I’ve hated it ever since I was little. The major problem is, I’m only in 8th grade. I have 4 more years of math to do. It can’t be like this, I can’t be absolutley miserable every night. help.

Answer #1

hey… I’m always loved math… its honestly not that bad.. I now take it at university and I must admit I appreciate now the teachers I had at school… the thing with math is you need to make sure you know your basics… as my 1 lecturer always says.. know what you can do and then just fiddle… math is trial and error… eventually you just start seeing what you need to do…

Answer #2

maths a btch, but once you get older it gets easier trust me I’ve had a permanent F in math since I think 2nd grade? just try to ask a bunch of questions, no matter how matter many questions teachers will always help:D unless your teacher is a whre

Answer #3

I have the same problem with math and, I can understand what you are going through. When I was in eighth grade, I was struggling with math and I still dislike it this day. I would probably try to find a tutor and see if you can get help since you can’t do this on your own. I know that math is frustrating, but, try to seek a tutor. Good luck, and pray about it.

Answer #4

I hate math 2, but there is this guy in my class who loves it. he got a perfect score on the state test 4 it, but he;s pretty nice

Answer #5

I a\hate math. I cannot understand it. I baely even know how to divide and im in grade sevn. you know, strating new things in math. it sucks. I get so mad I feel like practically crying. geez. I HATE MATH.

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