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Masturbation problem Quick answers please

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Ok so i am karolinas friend but i am on her account because i have been having trouble to log onto this with my email so she let me use her account i have a problem i masturbate a lot well not a lot but this week about everyday and then on wednesday i dididnt but yesterday i did in the shower i took so deodrant thing and used it on myself i felt really good but now i have a bit trouble i am constipated now i know that those two things have nothing to do with eachother but i can say that when i dont do it i dont get constipated but when i do masturbate i do get constipated its a problem . As i was saying about the shower after i did it my stomach hurt but let me get this straight i do not put anything inside there i am a virgin and as i was saying my stomach feels full i sleep alot i feel sick and i am constipted i know this is stupid but could i be pregnant even if i didint use anything inside me ? Maybe there was sperm on the bathtub before when someone was using it and when i got the orgasm maybe some got inside ? Im so worried quick answers please :) Thanks karolina >3