Masturbate while on period

Everyone is saying that you can orgasm really well if you put an ice cube up your vagina. Im on my period at the moment and I know that you can like rub your clit and stuff while on it but can you actually put thing up there? Like because I really really really want to try the ice cube thing because im all horny atm from reading everyones q’s & a’s. ..?

Answer #1

well because no-one answered in time I did it. haha it was fine. there is no mess if you do it in the shower and yes you can get wet while on your period. for some odd reason no blood came out while I was masturbating so I dunno. I was still able to cum and all that. but girls you should really try an ice cube. it is amazingg. at first its a bit numbing but it just adds to the feeling. but be sure to get a whole bunch of them because I seemed to orgasm really quick ;) thanks for all the help

Answer #2

lol im the horniest when I get mine, but I don’t wna do nothing koz its dirrty :P LOL

Answer #3

hurry I need an answer I want to do it now! lol

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