why do i masturbate 24/7?

Answer #1

you mean you have your finger/s in your doolally for a whole day doing stuff to yourself :S

Answer #2

Well for starters 24/7 is a bit of an exaggeration. I doubt your eating, sitting with your parents, going to school, all while masterbating. Its completey normal to masterbate alot - especially as a teen when its new and your hormones are going crazy causing a high sex drive. Your masterbating alot because your horny, it feels good, and theres nothing wrong with that.

Answer #3

I take it that on this occasion 24/7 is a “vulgar fraction” equating to about 3.4 - slightly under 3 and a half.

OK it is only a bit above average for the number of times a girl does it per week, or around the number of times per day that a boy your age gets off by himself when the girl next door is anything above luke-warm.

Hope reading this has not interrupted anything more critically urgent.

Answer #4

LMFAO! interupted!

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