Masterbate for him

Hey ladies I love to masterbate but I really want to do in front of my man I am open for anything but I am not sure how to start this in front of him anyone who has ever done this please give me some advice!!!I love sex with him and I love to try new things!!

Answer #1

Just tell him you wish to show him something, and then just do it.

Answer #2

It took me a while to masturbate in front of my boyfriend but before you have sex start with fore play and start with your clothes on then slowly take your’s and his clothes off and when you are making out just start playing with him then play ing with yourself and start to have him watch it might be a little scary at first but he is your boyfriend he should be able to watch you so I hope I helped and if you have any other questions that you want ot ask me just fun mail me

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