what are some ways to masterbaite?

Answer #1

start by spelling it right

Answer #2

well, what kind of things have you done by yourself? I’d say use a carrot is a good one,, then go a little bigger to a cucumber, which they have big ones and small ones, but it’s a step up, then anything that vibrates you can use. for your clitorous even water from kind of spout right on it. you can use an ice cube either for your clit or internaly. what ever you use make sure it is clean. you wouldn’t want any infections. :p

Answer #3

one of my favorite ways to masterbate I will say is with my own hands fingering myself brings me much pleasure I know how fast and how slow to go to make me reach the big o.I rub my clit slow while caressing my nipples lick the tp of your finger and rub your nipple feels great!rub around in a circular motion until you get aroused insert your finger inside of you and find your g spot go in and out until you scream im coming fantasize about a special person whle your are doing it.

Answer #4

tooth brush works everytime meaning you cum EVERYTIME!

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