What was Mason Kardashian first word?

Answer #1

Why would you possibly want to know what her first word is? And how would we know?

Answer #2

it is a boy

Answer #3

Whoops. :P

Answer #4

It’s Mason Disick not Mason Kardashian. And how the hell would we know what his first word is? Maybe he hasn’t even had his first word yet. Who knows

Answer #5

If he had his first word, it’d be “Aleksandr” and everyone would look over to me and see a bright light above my head with some chorus in the back. :D

I’d shield my eyes and say “Turn off the damn light! And stop singing back there or else I’ll hurt you all!”.

Answer #6

umm yeah he did it is mama i was them al the time

Answer #7

Okay? Like I said I don’t know them so how the hell would I have know that?

Answer #8

his first word was “ma”…heard it from kourtney on the re carpet(i watch tv)

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