Why do they say 'you marry your dad'?

You know how they say ‘you marry your dad’ like, the guy you end up with could be exactly like your dad..? Is that true? Omg the guy I’m with now is JUST like my dad. But that’s not exactly always a good thing. He has my dad’s sense of humor, but he also has his immaturity. Also, his dishonesty. My dad will lie to avoid confrontations. My bf’s the same way. When they sense a not-so-good-conversation is occurring, they freak out and activate humor mode. lol. But it’s annoying…My mom married her dad, too. My grandpa is JUST like my dad and boyfriend.

Answer #1

I dont know, because my boyfriend is NOTHING like my dad! On the otherhand, he is exactly like my mum

Answer #2

He’s so much like him, it’s creepy. I feel like I have known him my whole life, because he is just like my dad. I can predict what he’ll say in certain situations because it’s something my dad would say… and of course they’re best friends. =/

Answer #3

sounds like my boyfriend and my mum. Its weird. They watch weird science fiction movies together

Answer #4

its been a myth for a long time and its so because most girls end up marrying someone like there father but it is still proven that not all girls do so

Answer #5

im 34 in a few months and ive never in my life herd a saying like that, ever :S

Answer #6

idk who hears it but i heard it and im 14 and its cause my sis is dateing some one whos alot like my dad and i asked about it so i expland what i heard

Answer #7

Really? I’ve heard it tons of times. My mom always mentions it, too> :)

Answer #8

They mean….that you marry someone who resembles (not necessarily physically resembles), but personality, traits, even voice or smell…resembles your father. It’s the same for boys…they “marry their mothers”…women who resemble their mom’s. It’s all about “comfort zones”…recreating that, which you already know.


Answer #9

That makes a lot of sense… especially since I don’t live with my dad anymore…

Answer #10

Ah, so that’s sort of why Ed Gein liked to dig up freshly buried corpses of women who resembled his mother. That’s so cute<3 At first I found it creepy, like why would you want to make masks out of people’s faces and flesh that look like your mom, but know I understand. Eddie was such a sweetheart.

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