Birthday presents with no money?

It's my boyfriends birthday and I have no money. He just spent a lot of money on me for Valentine's Day. What should I do??

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there are sooo many things you can do that are sweet with no money
I usually end up doing those types of things for my boyfriend, even when I do have money to spend
girls are easy to buy for, so guys can just get us flowers or jewelry or chocolate or the like, and we're happy. guys are IMPOSSIBLE to get something for, unless it's like music, or something he really has wanted...

for valentines day, I made him this pocket pouch thing (it was an origami pattern I found) and filled it with small pink paper hearts, written on each was a reason that I love him. I didn't have any pretty paper for the envelope/pocket, and I didn't have the time or money to go buy some, but we happened to have left over floral print tissue paper from a previous bday, and I attached it to a piece of printer paper with a wash made of elmer's glue and water.
He loved it, and kept it in his folder all school year, and now that we're off to college, it's in his desk drawer.

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it doesnt matter what he got you sweetie. because he cares for you anything will work. make him a big chocolate chip coke cake and give it to him with a kiss :)

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put together a picnic with what is in the cupboard and go somewhere nice, then give hima massage later and pamper him all day

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Guys don't usually like taking presents from their girlfriends, you can simply give him a kiss or a hug, and he will be happy.

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Breakfast in bed is good or a surprise batch of cookies you made.
No cooking skills? Then do a stupid birthday dance outside his window in costume and sing how great he is. He will never forget it.
I made a giant birthday card one year myself with markers and posterboard.
A bottle of Martinelli's (sparkling apple juice found at Safeway and other stores for less than $5.00), in nice glasses, and a special view is always good too.
Not a dollar to your name?Carve a heart out of a stick and add a screw hook so he can keep it on a keychain.
Blindfold him, and spell his name out in rocks on a hillside for a surprise like "Brandon ROCKS!"
Dress like a girly nurse maid etc. and be his slave for the day.
Kidnap him and make him do songs on a streetcorner for money to take him out with.
Wrap up in a big blanket and watch a martial arts video with some microwave popcorn.
All the above.

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omgoodness.. i wish someone would have answered you sweetie... I have the same problem and I never got serious about it untill today... his birthday is tomorrow!!! Some ideas I got from different websites are maybe make heart shaped cookies with his favorite color frosting on top with happy b-day baby.... or your name + his name... - take him on a picnic with his favorite dish... give him something for morning, noon, and nihgt... leave love notes all over for him to find thoroughout the day.. if he has always gotten you flowers... get him roses or something.. but dont give up... it'll will all be okay

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Burn him a cd! With all the music he likes! Or a REALLY lovey-dovey card like, love notes& stuff G♥O♥O♥D♥L♥U♥C♥K♥!!

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You could print some coupons good for backrubs or other favors if you know what I mean.

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