How do you make a manila folder look old?

I know how to make paper look old, but can you use it for a Manila paper (filing folders)

Answer #1

Take it everywhere with you carry it in your back pack and put it in your car, it will get worn sooner than you think. :) ps dont be afraid to be rugged with it :)

Answer #2

Thanks but I kinda need it done quicker

Answer #3

wave it over fire really slowly and do what she said

Answer #4

My sister and I used to make ‘old’ paper, maps and folders when we were younger. We would stain them with tea and dry it with a hairdrier (the heat in the hairdrier will ruffle the cardboard and make it look old too), then we waved flames over it, the fire will make dark brown ‘stains’, you could even burn a small hole in it, just make sure to fill a bucket with water and sit it beside you in case the fire goes a bit crazy haha! When burning things with fire, remember flames climb usually on the back of the paper/card so if you burn from the bottom your fire will accelerate and burn up the back where you can’t see it so remember to always look at both sides!!

Answer #5

try soaking it in coffee ;) then let it dry. to give the old paper effect :)

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