man I hate this town I think

well I live in peoria illinois. this have to be one of the worst town. every day I hear about how someone got shot. so many people die. I be a bit scare just to walk around. and the schools?. oh man they just plain suck. they teach nothing new. the teacher is just plain rude to us. I learn more stuff being out of school. then in. people call me dumb for saying ill drop out at 16. but what the point of stayin in school if it just a waste. I can drop out at 16 and go back at 18 get my GED right?. or enter a job core. like the only problem is that I dont want to move. I probably wouldnt fit in no where else. I need to get a freaking job. what should I do to get like a better life or something?

Answer #1

The world is bigger than Peoria Illy… you better prepare for it. Stay in school, no matter how retarded the education system is there. You got a looong way to go young man. 16 years old… man, what I would do if I got another chance to get a good start on life. You are only young once. Enjoy it, grow mentally and spiritually.

Answer #2

I never heard someone complain about Peoria. its kind of interesting. my cousin lives there and loves it. I live in the south suburbs of Chicago. I worked where people got shot, there were bums sleeping under my car after work, and it was non stop violence. trust me there are worse places in this world then Peoria, IL.

Answer #3

I live in maine and the part I live in no one has ever been shot, so there are also places much better then where you are. its silly to not move for a fear of not fitting in there are different people all over america and if you feel like you are not learning or being able to reach your full potential in that town then by all means take life into your own hands and do what you think is best. your life is yours to live and every situation you stay in that you dont like is your choice and your waste

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