What's a software to make multiple sites for Adsense?

A while back I came across a software that enabled someone to create numerous content sites for adsense.

I haven’t come across that software since, and I’m wondering if anyone has a good suggestion on what to use for this?

Answer #1

Most of the software I’ve heard about that ‘auto generates’ websites is a waste of money. Search engines decide how to rank sites in large part based on how popular they are, or how many other sites link to them. So, if you create a million sites, but nobody outside of those million sites you create links to that network, then they won’t rank in search engines.

Unless you’re creating these ‘content rich’ sites for some other reason. Generally, the best approach is to find something you don’t mind writing about that’s commercially viable or writing about something you are very passionate about that can be “spun” to become commercially viable.

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