What kind of makeup should I wear with my complexion?

What kind of makeup should I wear??? I have blond hair blue eyes and a lot of freckle light skined… I dont want anything to much but I am just not sure??? HELP

Answer #1

I have blonde hair, blue eyes, freckles and pale skin to!

I use… Foundation - Revlon ColorStay Makeup with soft flex. SPF 6 Combination/Oily Skin. 110 Ivory

Powder - Covergirl ADVANCED RADIANCE. 110 Creamy Natural

Bronzer - Revlon WET/DRY Foundation. 07 Natural Tan (its like a pressed powder)

Mascara - Maybelline The Colossal Volume Express (I have really long lashes, so youd probably have to go for something different depending on your lashes)

Eyeliner - Maybelline NY UNSTOPPABLE eyeliner.

I start by applying foundation with a sponge, let it set for about 3 mins. then using a brush put the powder on. then a little bronser on my cheeks. (all that covers most of my freckles, you can still see them but hardly. They have faded a lot since I’ve been using makeup with SPF!!!) then I put a light coat of eyeliner on annd smudge it with my finger so its not so BAM! just natural kinda. then on goes the mascara. im not really a big lipgloss person so I just use a chapstick. and im done!

I work at maccas and my foundation usally melts off with the grease and oil that gets on my face but not since I’ve been using the colorstay! dont forget to scrub your face really well every morning and night! and dont forget to mosturise!!

and remember you will never fully cover up your freckles! believe me I’ve tried many times! But you can lighten them and they will fade over time! and dont forget sunscreen EVERY DAY!!

hope I helped :)

Answer #2

ok well I a blonde blue eyed girl but no freckels… I think you need a light cover coat and mabey a blush and thats it!!! see if it works??

Answer #3

hmmz…make up… well there is all kinda of makeups to wear, me i dont wear as much… maybe u should just wear a lil eye shadow and clear lip gloss i usally use a light blue,silver looking color or a gold color or pink… u just have to test it on ur face and see what matches u. thats what i did.

Answer #4

hey im a blonde to n i have blue eyes! well i ussally use a thin strip of black or brown eye liner(they both look good on us!) if im wearin brown eye liner i use a brown shadow or purple! if im using my black eye liner i us like whatever coler im into n i just use a clear lip gloss1

Answer #5

Up front once you start wearing make up (foundation, etc) your skin is affected and you may experience more break outs. I always advice to wait as long as you can stand it before wearing foundation. Once you do use foundation daily you need to treat the skin differently. Skin care becomes more important to prevent break outs.

I am blonde, blue eyes, have freckles (even at my age!) and fair. My skin tone is warm or I have gold/peach undertones.

I don’t know your age but at minimum if you are young (teen to twenties) then just blush, mascara and lip gloss for the every day look. For the more evening look, then eyeshadow, may be with a little shimmer, darker shade in the crease, eyeliner, and a little more blush or a deeper shade of blush and lipstick with polish over. If you need it concealer under the eyes but take it easy. Most women I look at tend to over do the under eye concealing and it ends up cake-y.

I like neutragena products for the younger, more natural colors but any of the other name brands have the more subtle every day palette. I never have liked Cover girl as their colors were too warm for my coloring. Bonnie Bell has some good young colors too in lip gloss.

I find for blue eyes the taupe browns work best including for an eyeliner and mascara but experiment and see which shades look best. Stay away from the blue eye shadows if you want the more natural look. I am a huge fan of the neutrals as I like to just highlight the natural God-given lip and blush colors. Again you will need to just experiment to find if the neutrals wash you out or if you need more warm colors. If you are freckled you probably do not have a cool undertone to your skin (bluish color–where silver looks best again your skin and not gold).

If you are a little older, say out of your twenties then you may need to consider foundation to smooth over uneven coloring on your face and any redder spots. If your skin is more oily look for water base, if your skin is dry look for the lighter oil base makeup and if combo then look for foundation that is also water base. The lighter the consistency the easier it is to match your skin color but I find I need to mix two foundations together to successfully match my skin color. Stay away from pan cake or powder base foundation as I find those do not look good after a few hours nor in certain lights.

Again as one ages it should be less coverup around the eyes than more as the makeup settles into in wrinkles or crow feet.

Skin care becomes very important as one ages. It is always important but in my younger days all I ever needed was a good face washing habit with dove soap, noxema every other day and keep my hands away from my face plus watch what I eat (less greasy foods).

As I age I have discovered that moisturizer is very important. I have always been told moistures were important at all ages but it used to break me out no matter what I tried and the face soaps like phisoderm and neutragena just dried me out. Just dove soap and noxema every other day did find. Although that may be more to do with my genetics.

Anyway if you are in your 30’s then its time to start moisturizing and taking care daily with exposure to sun.

Finally my last advice is to go to a few free make overs in the mall. You are not obligated to buy what they use and they can help find colors that best suit you. Then go to the drugstore and look for the products there. There really is little to no difference in the higher costing make up in the department stores and what you find at the drug store plus you can get more for your money.

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