Macaroni without flour?

Are there any recipes to make macaroni without the flour? I have milk and butter and cheese and the spices, but no flour!

Answer #1

Sounds like you want to make a cheese sauce for macaroni to make homemade mac and cheese? Try using corn starch in place of the flour? It might work I know you can make gravy with corn starch why not bachamel sauce. FYI you only need like 2 Tablespoons maybe a neighbor might have flour?

Answer #2

try saving some of the water you cooked the noodles in. that will have starch in it. melt the butter then slowly add the noodle water. dont use much.if that is not starchy enough add some corn starch.

Answer #3

ahah how about posting this in the “food and dining” section?

Answer #4

How about just making some mac n’ cheese?

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